Before people build a new home they have a lot of questions about the construction such as, “How long will it take to build?” and “What is the general process?”

Below is our outline on the typical construction process and timeline to build a new home of approx 3, 800 – 4, 500 square feet. Keep in mind that this is a generalized description and your new home may differ due to the size and style of house. This is just an average timeline to build a home.

Phase 1: Pre-construction/ paper work (2-4 weeks)

Before any construction begins land needs to be purchased, site plans are developed and approved, plans for the home are drawn, submission of  building permit(s) to your local municipal office and a contract with your home builder should be finalized and signed.

The majority of this phase can certainly be done in advanced of contacting a home builder. Some customers take their time with finalizing plans nearly a year in advanced of when the home is scheduled to be built. If you are going to be taking on this responsibility yourself it is important to touch base early with your home builder as they can help guide you through the process and get the start date of your home in their calendar as to not hold up project scheduling.

Phase 2: The Foundation (1 month)

Staking out the house and preparing the land for excavation is completed. Once the excavation is done, the footings (thick concrete ­­slabs to support the weight of the foundation) are formed and poured. At this time, water, electricity, telephone and cable services may be brought in as well.

The foundation walls are formed and poured. A municipal inspection of the foundation is completed before the soil is backfilled around the foundation walls.

During this phase, IDL will present the home builder with a list of product selections that need to be made, in order of priority such as windows and doors, style of shingle, siding, paint, flooring, trim and kitchen. Ordering these products early prevents delays later.

Phase 3: Framing (1 month)

Framing is when the entire skeleton and interior of the house is built. During this stage the roof trusses are installed, the roof is shingled, windows and doors are installed and electrical and plumbing is roughed in. After phase 3 is completed a framing, electrical and plumbing inspection is done by the municipality.

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Phase 4: Interior and Exterior Finishing’s (2 months)

Inside and out, the house will take a huge transformation in this phase. Proper scheduling is key as many aspects can be overlapped which speeds up the building process.

Exterior walls and attack are insulated and a vapour barrier is installed. Before the drywall is installed the municipality will inspect the insulation.

After the drywall is hung it needs to be tapped and mudded. This gives a flawless look and covers all seams and screw holes for when the paint is applied. After paint, kitchen and bathrooms are installed and trim and interior doors are hung.

While a lot of this work is happening inside, the siding is applied on the outside along with gutters and decks.

Once phase 4 is completed the municipality will required final inspections.

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Phase 5: Finishing Touches and Home Owner Possession (1 month)

Our crew will complete the final site cleaning, any touch ups required, and will install all appliances. Next you will be asked to complete a walk-through of your home. A bit of paper work is required with the lawyers and bank then on the date of possession, you will be handed the keys to your new home.