If you are planning on new home construction this spring or summer the best time to reach out to a contractor is late fall or early winter. This may seem early but it will ensure your project is booked in and well planned out. Having a proper plan in place will avoid costly revisions, save you money and ensure your new home is built exactly how you you envisioned it.

Every year in early spring there is a large influx in inquiries for new home construction over the summer months. It is the prime building time – longer days and great weather. Home owners can usually take some time off work too to concentrate on final product decisions and watch bits of the building process.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Schedule a meeting with your financial institution to discuss the budget you have to work with. What can be used to purchase the land and what is available for the construction of your new home. Knowing these numbers will influence your property and home design decisions.

Choosing your Lot

You likely already know the general area you want to build your new home. The next stage in the process is selecting your lot. It is much easier to design house plans to your lot rather than vice versa. Many customers have benefited from having a professional opinion on the “buildability” of the land. Certain properties may be cheaper but the cost to prepare them for a driveway and foundation could out-way the savings in the price. It is the right time to pull your home builder into the home building process!

House Plans

Many new homes are built using stock plans from a catalog or website. You can pick up a catalog of house plans from many locations such as Home Hardware or Central Home Improvement stores in Nova Scotia. If you find a stock plan that fits your budget as well as design taste your home builder can easily make modifications such as layout and window locations or can pull aspects from different plans into one. Your home builder will be able to answer any questions you have about stock plan modifications.

The other option is having a custom home designed. In most cases it is required to hire an architect.
When reviewing house plans or designing your house plans it is important to keep functionality in mind for many years to come.

The Home Building Contract

Many contracts are not finalized until the set of plans is finalized. This allows the home builder contractor to provide a very specific price and terms and conditions.

If you are engaging home builders for the first time at this stage it is important as the home owner to meet with at least three potential new home builders to get a feel for their building process as well as price.

Because contractors can run anywhere from a few weeks to a year or more in advanced it is important to get to this stage of contacting a home builder and finalizing a contract well ahead of your planned construction date.