We are renovation strategists.

Built or buy-and-renovate? It’s a common question, and one we will help you analyze.

With the right home purchased and renovation executed, the equity of your home could be higher than a new build. At IDL we provide consultation on a purchase and renovate decisions. We have a designed client journey for renovations. It ensures clients get exactly what they are looking for within their budget while staying updated and educated each step of the way.

The IDL renovation journey

Step 1: Consultation

A proper home inspection and analysis

Onsite meeting and inspection

A proper home inspection and analysis is required to identify factors that could have a significant impact on a renovation. These factors include: load bearing walls, electrical, plumbing, stair locations and interior and exterior damage.

Step 2: Project Scope

Scope of the project is discussed in detail

Scope is the key to project estimate

Properly identifying the scope of the project is a large part of the initial site meeting. Becuase our project estimates are so detailed and accurate we need to know exactly what you envision for your home in order to properly price it. We also understand that the price of a project could change a decision. Our estimates break down different aspects of the project scope based on this discussion.

Step 3: Budget review

Project scope is quoted and reviewed

Reviewing the quote

IDL is extremely transparent and detailed with quoting projects. When reviewing the budget it is the time for you to ask questions and raise any concerns you may have. During a renovation, the likelihood of unforeseen situation increases. As a rule of thumb, we suggest clients plan for a possible 10% increase in cost due to these type of factors.

Step 4: Work plan

The work plan lays out your project step-by-step

Laying out all the details

The work plan lays out your project step-by-step. The plan will also detail tasks assigned to you and when they need to be completed by, such as selecting exterior and interior finishes (windows, doors, paint colours and flooring). This keeps your project on time and on budget.

Step 5: Execution

Sit back and relax

The exciting part

This is the part where you sit back and relax and watch the transformation of your home take place.

Our Building Code

As a company, we believe in superior project management, honesty, and transparency. We also beleive in providing extreme accuracy in project scope and pricing.