What we do, and how we do it.

We build and oversee craftsman homes, unique architecture, and projects accurately to plans. We have developed systems of efficiency for each stage of the building process and they are applied to each project we take on. And our quotes are always custom, never a set equation or per foot price. Everything that we do is built on quality and perfection.

Our services

Why Choose Us

      • Our quotes are completely transparent and extremely accurate – the average quote is within 3% final project costs.

      • We only take on one new build at a time to ensure every client receives our undivided attention.

      • Fine-tuned systems at every stage of the construction process, creating the most efficient job sites you’ll encounter. It’s good for the environment and our client’s bottom dollar.

      •  We produce high-value homes for our customers.

      • We believe in honesty and doing what is right. If we don’t agree with a project we just don’t do it. Simple as that.

      • With our trusted partners, we demand perfection on our sites.

      • We are proud of every home and project we have produced because we expect and maintain a high-quality standard.

Our customer service

What our customers are saying.

We got exactly what we wanted and on budget. I would highly recommend IDL Contracting.

Matt, from Halifax
I can not say just how pleased I was with every single detail of the work carried out.
Lynda, from Lakeview

We had full disclosure of what was happening, how long it would take and how much it would cost.

Olaf, from Dartmouth
Our project finished on time and on budget. Couldn’t be happier with the service and recommendations we received from IDL.
Pam, from Bedford
Dealing with IDL was a pleasure. Andrew was always there when he said he would be. He did what he said he would do.
Pat, from Windsor