Project Description

This home was custom designed and built home with Nova Scotia aged timbers custom fit and integrated into the design. An impressive design, this home welcomes its owners home through a timber entry which carries through the main living space.


The final product is beautiful aesthetically. Less than half the price of a true timber frame, most are surprised to learn that this home is in-fact a hybrid.

Timbers were placed to appear to be structural interior trusses holding up the grand 24 foot vaulted ceilings. The original vision of a rustic modernized home was completed in the eyes of our customer with the timber additions.

Owner, Andrew Mitton was very involved in the construction of this home as the customers were out of province during construction.

An original site visit took place on the owner’s 200 acres of woodland. The entire property was walked and assessed for the perfect location of their new home. With the location pinpointed all architectural details were completed virtually including approvals as this home was constructed.

A secondary site meeting took place once the foundation and framing was completed. This is a critical stage for any interior design elements to be altered. It was at this point the customer decided to pursue a hybrid design after viewing the timber front entry. During this secondary visit, the clients were provided a supplier partner list where they had 2 days of viewing and selecting interior finishes such as kitchen design, flooring, countertops and bathroom fixtures. With everything selected they could sit back and relax as their dream home completed to “perfection”.