Nova Scotia is experiencing a consistent development in new construction according to stats can, despite the surrounding economic conditions. Out of the Atlantic Canadian Provinces, Nova Scotia is seeing the most economic activity by far. And although Nova Scotia is a smaller province in Canada, the size of many countries in Europe, there are many potential new home construction developments to choose from.

Land costs: we completed a scan of lot prices within a 45-minute radius of Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital city. Most residential lots are between 70-100 thousand and higher for lake front properties.

Below is an overview of the areas we currently serve. This is a great starting point for popular areas within 45 minutes to Nova Scotia’s capital city:

Another option is a new and very European inspired development, Forrest Lakes Country Club. They are located about 45 minutes from Halifax and are a gated community. Right now there is a lot of selection for lots and they start around 90k.

Of course, as you move away from Halifax into more rural locations, property price goes down. There are usually a handful of lots available in the Mount Uniacke area, between 20-50 thousand. Mount Uniacke is a very close location to the Forrest Lakes development and the property value is expected to increase in value as the development matures.

As a Nova Scotia new home builder, we can provide a geographic analysis to suggest locations in the province that will meet your needs. If you happen to be moving to Nova Scotia or unsure of the location for your new home contact us.