Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current, kitchen design is a very important element. The kitchen is the most used space in the home – socializing, cooking, eating and drinking all take place in the kitchen. Especially in the Maritimes where we are known for kitchen parties, kitchens need to be both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Before you start any kitchen project consider these 5 elements often discussed among Home Builders.


Often trendy colours, designs and appliances are not the best choices for long term functionality and design. We recommend choosing timeless designs to see the best return on your investment.

2.The Kitchen Triangle

Kitchen specialist refer to the stove, sink and refrigerator as the kitchen triangle. These are the most used aspects in a kitchen and new home builders will recommend them being close in proximity in a triangle formation. For more ideas on kitchen layouts read these top 5 from HGTV.

3.Stove Placement

A stove should never be located at the end of a counter top. This allows for practical work and is much safer for children.

4.Space Between Island and Counter

New Home Builders recommend at least 42 inches between your island and counter top. This will ensure enough room for the high traffic area and any smaller space will make your kitchen feel smaller than it is.


In the kitchen it’s best to have options. Lower lighting for socializing and eating but the option for high light when preparing meals. A kitchen generally needs 3 types of lighting – general, task and accent. Once your kitchen is designed, evaluate the work areas and focus on providing each with the light it needs. For example, adding lighting above all the main work areas.