If you are not currently living in Nova Scotia but looking to move here, that is alright. We have had customers from different parts of Canada and the UK building homes in Nova Scotia. The biggest piece of feedback we receive from our customers is the trustworthy customer service.

If you purchased a large piece of property, owner Andrew Mitton will walk acres with you to evaluate the best location to build your home. IDL will coordinate all environmental inspections, building permits and agreements to accommodate building your new home. And we will keep you updated every step of the way.

There are certain times we recommend a site visit and during these times we also arrange highly concentrated day trips to select exterior and interior products from our trusted partners.

If you are interested in looking at older heritage homes in Halifax or Mahone Bay area, for example, we can also provide analysis on potential projects to renovate.

Nova Scotia provides an wonderful quality of life, beautiful scenery, fresh air, water and ocean, forests, and has a growing and vast business environment.

Nova Scotia is also home to a number of the best universities in Canada providing innovated programs to meet global demands. Having so many education and degree options available is a huge perk to having and raising a family here. These are just a few reasons why we have decided to stay and raise our family in Nova Scotia.

Contact us today if you have any questions about building a new home in Nova Scotia or if you would like to speak with a past customer about their experience.

Andrew Mitton
P: 1-902-293-7798
E: amitton@idlcontracting.com