Our Foundation

We build with purpose. To craft more than just a home for our customers. And we build to inspire the construction industry to have careful thought and a broad vision. This foundation is the core in everything we do.

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Building Custom Homes in Nova Scotia

Building a custom home means so much more to our customers and so it means so much more to us.

We got exactly what we wanted and on budget. I would highly recommend IDL Contracting.

Matt, from Halifax
I can not say just how pleased I was with every single detail of the work carried out.
Lynda, from Lakeview

We had full disclosure of what was happening, how long it would take and how much it would cost.

Olaf, from Dartmouth
Our project finished on time and on budget. Couldn’t be happier with the service and recommendations we received from IDL.
Pam, from Bedford
Dealing with IDL was a pleasure. Andrew was always there when he said he would be. He did what he said he would do.
Pat, from Windsor

About us

We are always thinking there is a better way to do things, and we challenge the status quo on many job sites. Our efficiency and accurate approach to construction and pricing have made our estimates know to being within 3% of final projects costs and our job sites among the smoothest around. We dig it and our clients do too.

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Our Building Code

As a company, we believe in superior project management, honesty, and transparency. We also beleive in providing extreme accuracy in project scope and pricing.